Isabella Amour Jerks Dick

Isabella Amour is a gorgeous babe with dark hair and striking blue eyes. She can look totally and completely like a lady, but the truth of the matter is, she just wants to jerk off a hard dick. Mikey walked in on Isabella shaving that tight little snatch and he knew right away that she was going to be game for going down and giving him a handjob.

Isabella Amour

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Busty Cody Lane Strokes Cock

I was curious about this big tit chick Cody Lane and being that I didn’t really want to do the work, I wanted to see if this busty beauty could get me off with her hands. Manicured hands or not, Cody Lane did not mind getting down and dirty with my cock. It took me all of about two seconds to get hard after seeing the rack on this amazingly hot babe, so she knew I was going to melt in her hands the minute she touched my dick.

Cody Lane

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Autumn Skye Jerks Off Co-Worker

Autumn Skye is one gorgeous piece of tail. She loves to dress sexy at work and show off those smoking sexy long legs and sexy blue eyes. But there is another perk to working at the same place of business that Autumn Sky does ,and that is getting a prime grade A hand job from this perky slut. As soon as Autumn got it in her mind that she wanted me, it was less than 2 seconds until this cock hungry vixen was touching my package and jerking it off with a sense of urgency.

Autumn Skye

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Hydii May Gets a Pirate Eye

Hydii May is on a mission: she’s looking a for a guy that’s willing to try a little something new with her. If we’re being honest, Hydii spends a considerable amount of time looking at porn. Her never-ending quest is to find new and exciting things to try at home or on set. She’s made some wonderful discoveries (and even a few moves that sadly didn’t pay off) but Hydii’s always up for something new.

Hydii May

Right now, her quest is find a man that’s willing to give her the ever-elusive pirate eye! She had never heard of it until she met a girl on set who recommended it. While Hydii May went down on her, her new friend told her all about the pirate eye: you jerk a guy off and when he’s ready to cum, you aim his dick right at your eye. [Read more...]

Mika Tan Gives Knuckle Ball Handjob

After a hard day at work, I really needed something to help me relax. So, Mika applied her special elixer of spit and offered me some sweet hand relief while licking my shaved balls.

Mika Tan

At one point, she held my cock in such an unorthodox style, I thought she was trying to throw a knuckle ball! Only a big leaguer knows these kind of strokes! Watch and learn! [Read more...]

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Have you ever wondered how it would look like if a sexy milf with huge tits jerked your cock? Busty Charlee Chase is here to answer that. The hot lady sensually strokes your dick while you are lying on your bed, and teases you in her very special way. Enjoy this sexy lady jacking you off until you explode with jizz.

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